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Frequently Asked Questions!

What are Galaxy Mystery “Boxxes”?

Here’s a detailed overview of the different types of Boxxes available:

  1. Boxx of the Month: This distinct offering is not a subscription but a once-off purchase that changes theme each month. It’s designed for those who enjoy a surprise and love exploring different fandoms without the commitment of a recurring subscription. 
  2. Galaxy Boxx KIDZ: Specifically designed for younger enthusiasts, the Galaxy Boxx KIDZ packs are filled with a mix of educational and fun items aimed at fostering creativity and learning. 
  3. Pokémon Trading Card Mystery Packs: A newer addition, catering to the specific interests of Pokémon fans, these packs offer the excitement of discovering rare and valuable trading cards, appealing to both new collectors and nostalgic enthusiasts.
  4. The Vault: Representing our most exclusive selection, The Vault consists of one-off items and limited edition collectibles. It’s the ultimate choice for serious collectors in search of unique, rare, and exclusive merchandise.
  5. Galaxy Mystery Boxx Options:
    • Sneak-Peek Boxx: A once-off purchase option that provides a taste of the Galaxy Boxx experience.
    • Silver, Gold, and Diamond Boxx Subscriptions: These are available as both subscriptions and once-off purchases, allowing flexibility in frequency and investment. Each tier offers an escalating level of exclusivity & quantity, of items:
      • Silver Boxx: Offers a solid range of collectibles and merchandise, great for casual fans looking to start or expand their collection.
      • Gold Boxx: Steps up the value and variety, providing a richer assortment for more devoted fans and collectors.
      • Diamond Boxx: The pinnacle of our offering, featuring the most exclusive items, including limited editions and premium collectibles.

Whether you’re a casual enthusiast, a young learner, a dedicated collector, or a Pokémon aficionado, Galaxy Boxx has the perfect option for you.

How are the Mystery Boxxes personalized?

WE ASK YOUR INTEREST AT CHECKOUT for a very good reason and have a vast knowledge base between the group of individuals dedicated to Galaxy Boxx’s mission to ensure each of our customers stay fulfilled and looked after by our products. 

What types of Mystery Boxxes are available, and what differentiates them?

We offer several types of Mystery Boxxes, including the Sneak-Peek Boxx, Silver Boxx, Gold Boxx, and Diamond Boxx. They vary in size, value, and types of items included, with each tier offering a greater quantity and higher quality of merchandise.

How does Galaxy Boxx ensure the quality and exclusivity of items in the Boxxes?

Our team is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality, licensed, and exclusive products. We work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that all items meet our standards for uniqueness, authenticity, and value.

What is the Boxx of the Month, and can one subscribe?

The Boxx of the Month is a unique, once-off purchase that offers a new and exciting theme each month. It is filled with specially curated items that reflect the theme of the month, providing a diverse and engaging unboxing experience. Unlike our subscription services, the Boxx of the Month is not a recurring delivery. This allows customers to select and purchase the box only in the months they are interested in, without any long-term commitment.

What is the Galaxy Boxx KIDZ

Galaxy Boxx KIDZ is a special line designed specifically for children. These Boxxes contain educational and fun items suited for younger fans, promoting learning and creativity through play.

How does shipping work for Galaxy Boxx orders?

We offer free shipping when any mystery boxxes are in your cart. Unfortunately this does not apply to stand alone Pokémon trading cards orders, nor does it apply to items from the vault that are purchased alone. However, if you purchase any mystery boxx You will automatically qualify for free shipping regardless of the items in your cart.

How can customers provide feedback or get in touch with customer service?

 Galaxy Boxx is very active on social media which you can access from the floating button on the screen or by simply searching us on either Facebook, Instagram or X. Alternatively, you can get hold of us through our contact form or direct email on [email protected], which is in the menu at the way at the top of the screen on desktop and in the general navigation on mobile. 

If you are a customer, we would love to get your feedback on our Google my business page which you can access with by following this link.

What payment methods are accepted?

At Galaxy Boxx, we accept payments through PayFast, a leading payment gateway known for its fast, secure, and reliable network. PayFast enables us to offer you a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, instant EFT, Capitec Pay and more, ensuring that your checkout process is as smooth and convenient as possible

How can customers update their preferences or cancel their subscriptions?

 Subscription box, he will automatically create an account on our system, which he can access via the my account tab in navigation, where top of the screen.

This is also where you can control your subscriptions, your payment methods, as well as your preferences regarding your monthly subscription box. We do suggest that you email us directly for any such changes as we curate all of these items ourselves.


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