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✨ Revealed: The May 2024 Boxx of the Month is the first of its kind!!!
You’re in for a real treat, South Africa!

GalaxyBoxx, in proud partnership with Afro Geek is bringing you the world’s first ever AfroBoxx!!! See what we did there?! 👀

We traveled through plains, crossed many rivers, climbed numerous mountains, spent nights in caves; all this to be able to bring South Africa a Mystery Boxx filled with comic books, trading card games, merchandise, collectibles, and much much more from our very own African superheroes! We’ll be featuring some amazingly epic items from Studio Djembe, Bill Masuku, Sanmi Crown Studios to name but a few!

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to bring the world’s first AfroBoxx to South Africa and we are tremendously proud of our own superheroes! South Africa has huge talents and creatives who have worked with Disney, who have defied all odds and are able to compete way up there! And now YOU get to own a slice of history in the making!!!

Get it now!

We’re keeping the contents a secret (for now) as we have someone super special who will be unboxing the first AfroBoxx in a few days to come! You won’t miss it as we will be showcasing this amazing AfroBoxx throughout the month of May!

Dare to purchase an AfroBoxx before all is revealed??? Well, YOU could be the lucky person to find the Walmart Exclusive Art Series M’Baku Funko Pop! inside your AfroBoxx!!!
That’s right!

1 x Lucky person will win this exclusive pop, so don’t miss out on something EPIC!

As always, the Boxx of the Month will come in 3 different tiers ( this time in Vibranium I, II & III)!

Please take note:
All AfroBoxx orders will be shipped by 10 June 2024 – Free Delivery anywhere in SA comes standard when purchasing an AfroBoxx 💪🇿🇦 #supportlocal

We promise the AfroBoxx won’t disappoint 👊


Get it in our Silver, Gold or Diamond tier.


Get it in our Silver, Gold or Diamond tier!